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  • Start : 09:00 a.m. October 23(sun),2016 / Hoban Street near Gongjicheon park at the Chuncheon city
  • Event : Marathon (42.195km), 10Km
  • Qualification
    - Full : (1) Registered athlete (2) Healthy men and women aged over 18
    - 10Km : Healthy men and women
  • Entry fee
    - Full : 50,000 won or $50
    - 10Km : 40,000 won or $40
  • Marathon-package : Participation souvenir, Bib number, Booklet (before the race)
                                     Finisher's Medal (after race)
                                     Record Certificate (delivered after the race)
  • Registration : Applications will be closed when 25,000 th person apply since June 1st, 2016.
gathering of the race day
  • Date & Time: October 23(sun),2016 / Gathering : 08:00 a.m
  • Place: Gongjicheon park at the Chuncheon city
    We encourage you to use public transportation since there will not be many available parking facilities near the starting point of the race.

race numbers

Only entrants with official race numbers for the Chuncheon International Marathon will be permitted to compete in the race. Please write down your name, blood type and emergency contact number of friends and families clearly on the back of the bib. Bibs must be attached to the chest so that your number is clearly visible. They shall not be altered for any reason. Do not alter any letters or characters that are marked on your bib. Any form of alteration will result in immediate disqualification.

Changing room and Depository

You must drop off your clothe by 9:30 A.M. at the dressing room and depository assigned with your race number. Please only use the designated bag, which will be distributed to you along with your race materials. Also, you need to present your baggage deposit bag sticker to get your baggage deposit bag. Do not leave any valuable or fragile items in the baggage deposit bags. The organizer is not liable for any damage or loss of your items.


The time recorded on the ChampionChip will be your official race time. Your net running time can only be measured when you step on the contact mats laid out on the starting and finishing lines. You will be disqualified if your intermediate times are not recorded. If you fail to return your chip right after the event, you are responsible of returning it to the Organizing Committee by enclosed return envelop [In case the chip is lost or not returned, you will be asked to pay a penalty of \22,000]. In addition, those who do not return the chip will be prohibited from participating in upcoming marathons held by Chosun Ilbo, Dong-A Ilbo and Joongang Ilbo.

Personal Refreshments

If you wish so, we can drop off your personal refreshments at the refreshment points. Please deliver your containers clearly labelled with your name and race number at the Personal Refreshments stands which will be located in the Headquarters where we will meet. We will only accept them from 08:00 A.M. to 09:00 A.M on October 23th.


The starting area will be closed to all vehicles from 09:30 A.M on the day of the race. Runners will be classified into groups from A to I based on the personal best records submitted prior to the race. Please follow the instructions of volunteers and members of the organizing committee to assure a smooth start to the race. Participants who start from different groups than the ones assigned will be disqualified. Starting from behind their own block is acceptable.

Refreshment Points

You will be provided with water and ion drinks at every 5 km point and at the finish line. Water sponges will be available at every 5 km point after the first 12.5km point from the starting line. In addition, there will be extra refreshment points - Choco pies (two layered chocolate-dipped cookies, with marshmallow fillings), sports gels, bananas, cherry tomatoes, bread will be available at each of 20km, 25km, 30km, 37.5km points and the finish line.

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance is available in the start/finish area and along the course. Please do not hesitate to contact our medical personnel for any difficulties. Please check if your body condition is up to the physical requirements to run the race. The Organizer is not responsible for any medical and health-related incidents of participants during the race except for first aid treatment and insurance coverage.

Time Limit and Sweep Vehicles

The race time for full course runners is strictly limited to 6 hours in order to minimize inconvenience to Chuncheon citizens. If you run over 6 hours, you will be required to get on the sweep vehicles. The organizer is not liable for any accidents that may occur in case you keep on running. For 10Km runners time limit is 1 hour 30 minutes.


Your time will be registered when you cross the finish line (the contact mats). If you are feeling ill, please take advantage of the medical service provided. You will receive refreshments and the souvenir medal when returning your chip. You will be able to pick up your belongings in the finishing area by presenting your baggage deposit bag sticker to the official.

Prize Money

Prize Money for the Chuncheon International Marathon Elite Division
Rank International Domestic
  Male Male Female
1' $50,000 \10,000,000 \10,000,000
2' $20,000 \3,000,000 \3,000,000
3' $10,000 \2,000,000 \2,000,000
4' $7,000 \1,000,000 \1,000,000
5' $5,000 \700,000 \700,000
6' $3,000 \500,000 \500,000

* The championship cup is awarded in commemoration of Sohn, Ki-jeong's domination of the world marathon and will be awarded to the winner of the men domestic race.
* Time Bonus : $30,000 for a course record (2:07:02 for men) 20,000,000 won for a course record (2:26:11 for women) Only awarded for the first winner

Masters Division

Both men and women runners coming in first through sixth place are to receive medals and trophies.